SBD Designer Add On

I did some wordart for you all. Hope you enjoy. 300 dpi png format.


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Digi Blog Train June Train – Fibromyalgia Awareness

DWG Fibromyalgia

This months train is for Fibromyalgia Awareness. Some of us my have it or know someone who does. This can be a crippling disease. Dr. used to (and some still do) treat it as a mental disorder, it’s not. My best friend suffers from it and if I could take half the pain she suffers I would gladly do it. If you would like to learn more on this horrid disease please visit the following site:  Fibromyalgia – Mayo Clinic


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Garden 2013 - Raised Beds 1 - 4

As you can see we have 4 raised bed gardens also. Each is 4 foot wide by 8 foot long. Numbers next to each variety are not set in stone, may change at planting time.

Garden 2013 - In ground bed 2

In ground bed 2, this bed is 6 foot wide by 8 foot long. Between each set of double rows will be fencing as the tomatoes I am planting are “climbers”.

2013 Garden - In ground Bed 1

this bed is the in ground bed 1 and measures 7 foot wide by 8 foot long. Gives plants per variety but those are not set numbers as I play it by ear when planting too.